How It Works

    • Using our Submit A Repair form customers tell us both in writing and with uploaded images about the repairs that they need for their unit.
    • We will then review the information that customers have given to us and respond with an estimated quote for the job.
    • The customer will then ship their product with us taking advantage of our 84% discount on shipping. With us the customer only pays the actual shipping cost.
    • When the unit arrives at our facility we will then examine it and determine if the damage area can be fixed. We will not charge the customer money by making repairs on inflatables that cannot be mended long term.
    • Next we will repair the customer’s unit. We guarantee* our reinforcements to the specifications that the customer gave us in the submit a repair form.
    • We will then send the customer an image of the repaired inflatable before shipping it back.

Keep in mind that in addition to repairing inflatables we can also buy or sell your unit for you. We also sell New and Used inflatables or if you want to turn that bounce house into a combination bounce/slide we can do that for you as we offer custom work services.

* Any repairs made with our materials will be under warranty. Any areas of the unit needing future repair due to original manufacturing defects will not be covered.